Tsuga (Spruce) Essential Oil

Tsuga (Spruce) Essential Oil

Tsuga (Spruce) Essential Oil
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Spruce essential oil, Canada is also referred to as Eastern hemlock. The aroma is pleasant, clean and balsamic.

Name: Spruce oil, Canada
Species: Tsuga canadensis, fam. Pinaceae
Part : Needle
Country: Canada
Dilution Ratio: 1:1
ORAC: 7,100

The health benefits of Tsuga are many. This Spruce oil is often used for respiratory conditions, for kidney/urinary infections, skin conditions, and venereal diseases. This fresh smelling oil is analgesic, antirheumatic, a blood cleanser, and stimulant.

Wonderful to add to homemade cleaners, it is a great oil to have on hand for many uses. To safely use it, dilute it with a pure carrier oil in a one to one dilution, then apply 2-4 drops on location and to chakras/Vita Flex points. Directly inhale the oil or diffuse it without diluting it. Tsuga is even safe to take as a dietary supplement.
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