Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh) Essential Oil

Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh) Essential Oil

Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh) Essential Oil
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Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh) essential oil, Kenya A key component of perfumes, incense, and ritual purification since the time of King Solomon, Opoponax or sweet myrrh has an earthy depth and richness that has attracted perfumers for centuries. Medicinally, sweet myrrh is used for wounds. Its natural astringent action assists in clearing respiratory congestion.

Name: Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh) oil, Kenya
Species: Commiphora erythraea Engler var. glabrescens Engler, fam. Burseraceae
Part: Resin
Method: Steam Distillation
Class: Sesquiterpene
Country : Kenya

Most resin is obtained by making incisions into the bark of the tree. The milky liquid that exudes hardens on exposure to air into droplets or "tears" which are then easily collected. Occasionally, some tears are produced by accidental injury or from splits which occur in the stems or branches of the tree. This lovely variety has a resinous, ancient-earth character, and is ideal for sophisticated perfume blending.

Sweet myrrh resin and oil exert a drying action on mucous membranes; they have been used traditionally for treating bronchitis, colds, sore throats and coughs. They are muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and circulatory stimulants. In clinical usage they are used for antiseptic and anti-parasitic purposes and, like frankincense and myrrh, the resin is used to fumigate and purify public spaces.

In Somalia, Opoponax resin is widely used in folk medicine to treat stomach ailments, diarrhea, and for wound healing. In other parts of the world, the versatile resin is employed to treat of arthritis because of its analgesic, muscle-relaxant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

How To Use Opoponax Oil: Sweet myrrh essential oil can be applied topically, used in direct inhalation, and diffused. Its primary use is by topical application. As a fragrance base, it has a strong and lingering aroma, and is therefore best used in small quantities when blending.

Topically, small amounts of opoponax can be blended with coconut oil on sore muscles and joints.

In inhalation therapy, opoponax is employed to cleanse, purify and strengthen both physical and emotional systems. It is particularly useful to the throat and lungs in diffusion. Also a mild aphrodisiac, sweet myrrh can be diffused to recreate the essence of ancient temple rituals.

Sweet myrrh has use as a food additive, bringing a softly bitter undertone to alimentary goods and liqueurs.

Blends well with: frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood, lavender, and most citrus essential oils.

Safety: Non toxic, non-irritant. Mildly photosensitizing; avoid exposure to ultraviolet light when wearing opoponax. Do not take opoponax essential oil internally. Use with caution during pregnancy (small amounts, diluted).
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