Jasmine Sambac Premium Absolute, India

Jasmine Sambac Premium Absolute, India

Jasmine Sambac Premium Absolute, India
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Jasmine Sambac Premium Absolute, India
Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton (Sampaquita), fam. Oleaceae

Jasmine Sambac Absolute, India - Premium quality Sambac absolute from the freshest flowers.   TOS staff often field questions about the differences between “premium” and the non-premium. Of course both materials are considered analytically correct. But specific minor differences in chemistry can and will significantly altar aroma. In terms of scent most professionals will prefer the “premium”. Occasionally there will be a minority opinion even among trained professionals. The same is true for therapeutic use. Most professionals will take the “premium” over the non-premium. However, TOS is not aware of any definitive research verifying a “premium” has better therapeutic benefit than its less expensive counterpart. To some degree it is a matter of subjective preference, but most professionals will usually agree with us. Our premium oils have a superior analysis and aroma based on the standard for that oil in a given chemo type. That is not to say a non-premium is not excellent oil and many knowledgeable clients use both. In aromatherapy essential oil is considered beneficial for various conditions and lifestyle applications. In many of these applications the scent is not the critical issue.

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