Peach Artemisia Essential Oil

Peach Artemisia Essential Oil

Peach Artemisia Essential Oil
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Peach Artemisia essential oil, USA - This oil is also known as Owyhee oil. Its a very fruity smelling artemisia that is high in ester content. Has somewhat of a peach backnote, thus the nickname. An artemisia uniquely grown in the USA, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and a delight for both the skin and the spirits.

Name: Peach Artemisia (Owyhee) oil, USA
Species: Artemisia ludoviciana
Part: Herb
Method: Steam Distilled
Class: Ester
Country : USA

Owyhee (Artemisia ludoviciana) as an herb has been used by American Indians as a tea or gargle for all problems of the respiratory system especially those having to do with any involvement of the throat. It can help in reducing snoring.

Formula; use by application and massage into back of neck, shoulders, upper chest and upper back before going to sleep. To 1 ounce or 30 mls of Carrier oil, add the following that will make an 8% therapeutic solution:

6 drops Pelargonium graveolens (Rose Geranium)
8 drops Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)
8 drops Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree), or Manuka, Kanuka, or Plai
8 drops Citrus x paradisi (Grapefruit)
10 drops of Owyhee (Artemisia ludoviciana), or Chamaemelum nobile (Roman Chamomile)

RESULTS: With the above treatment after 3 consecutive uses, snoring can change from very loud every night to some quiet snoring occasionally. Continue the use of the inhalation, gargles and the massage as long as necessary to keep results.

Organically grown and distilled, this sweetly scented oil from a uniquely American artemesia species is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and a delight for both the skin and the spirits. The essential oil is very high in esters, which make it extremely relaxing and soothing to the skin.

Jeanne Rose states that this uniquely American essential oil is soothing and sedating, and is a wonderful alternative to Roman Chamomile. She goes on to say that it is an excellent addition to any skin care product, and a great stress reliever. It blends beautifully with Helichrysum for pain relief and skincare.

Nancy Zimmerman was one of our first clients to try this new essential oil and wrote: "By the way, I LOVE the Owyhee oil. I added it to my blend of Helichrysum and Lavender in St. John's Wort oil and it helps my creaky hip joints. I alternate it with Holy Basil (a.m. and p.m. applications) for an anti-inflammatory effect." Thanks for letting us share that, Nancy!
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