Orange 5X Essential Oil, Decolorized

Orange 5X Essential Oil, Decolorized

Orange 5X Essential Oil, Decolorized
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Orange 5X (five fold) essential Oil. Compare our prices. Compare our quality. Excellent for bath salts and in soaps. Sweet citrus aroma. Stronger than Orange sweet by five times, it is a “folded” oil. Folded oils are concentrated citrus oils. They offer several benefits. Through distillation, the turpenes are removed, thereby rendering the folded oil safe for use in leave-on products, such as lotions.

Name: Orange 5X, (five fold), Decolorized,
Species: Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck, Bendel variety, fam. Rutaceae
Part: Peel
Method: Expressed
Class: Monoterpene
Country: USA

The concentrated scent offers resistance to oxidation: the fragrance lasts longer and the color is typically far more intense. This oil is decolorized so not to stain skin or in cleaning products. Wonderful in room sprays. It's an excellent deodorizer, which cleans the air in bathrooms very well. Great for laundry use. Diffuse or inhale for an uplifting and an antidepressant aroma.
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