Massoia Bark Essential Oil

Massoia Bark Essential Oil

Massoia Bark Essential Oil
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Massoia Bark Essential Oil's aroma is sweet and slightly woody-floral.Therapeutically it is believed to warm and improve circulation. It is reported to calm, relax and revive. It blends well with sweet balsams and vanilla.

Name: Massoia Bark
Species: Cryptocaryo massoio
Part: Bark
Method: Steam Distillation
Class: Lactone
Country: Indonesia

This oil has an interesting aromatic profile. It has a sweet, peach - coconut type of odor and if fun to work with it. The IFRA banned the use of steam distilled massoia bark oil because of the massoia lactone in it, which is a strong irritant. Use this oil with caution until we can obtain the safety information for the CO2 Extraction method.

This oil is used by Javanese and Balinese women to prepare a warming ointment, which they call Bobory.

It is purportedly warming to the mind, body, and spirit, calms, relaxes, and revives; and improves circulation.

Safety: No formal testing. Avoid in pregnancy, on babies and children.
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