Leleshwa (Camphor bush) Essential Oil, Wild

Leleshwa (Camphor bush) Essential Oil, Wild

Leleshwa (Camphor bush) Essential Oil, Wild
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Leleshwa essential oil, Kenya, Wild Crafted - Despite its nickname, Camphor Bush, leleshwa oil has very little camphor in it. But with its unique combination of components making it unlike any other essential oils it has been found to be very effective against fungus. It’s a remarkable remedy for athlete’s foot and cures fungal infections of feet and hands with its amazing anti-fungal nature.

Name: Leleshwa Oil (Camphor Bush), Kenya
Species: Tarchonanthus Camphora
Part: Flowers and Leaves
Method: Steam Distillation
Class: Monoterpenol
Country: Kenya

Aromatherapy credits few herbs with outstanding qualities and have shown their credential in curing many problems. Leleshwa is among those herbs that has amazing antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

Wildcrafted Leleshwa essential oil is obtained from the plant through the process of steam distillation and was originally grown in Kenya. Leleshwa essential oil is condensed from the shrub found frequently in eastern and southern parts of Africa. The process is completely organic and natural as the wood of the plant acts as infuser to boiler producing heat for the course of extraction from leaves and flowers.

It is known by many different names the African Wild sage, Gray Bush, Camphor Bush, Kanferbos, Wild Camphor Bush. Sage Wood, Wild Cotton, African Flea Bane including many different names in each dialect of Sub-Saharan Africa. Such as Ol - leleshwa by the Maasai and mikalambati in Swahili.

Uses of Leleshwa Essential Oil:

* Aromatherapy
* Antiseptic Skin Cleanser
* Space Clearing
* Natural Preservative
* Anti-Acne Products
* Insect Repellent
* Foot & Leg Creams
* Anti-Dandruff & Psoriasis
* Eco – Friendly Disinfectant

Leleshwa Essential Oil is the color of a pale leaf, with distinct floral camphor notes to it. Historically, the herb was put to use healing wounds and cuts by travelers; even its aroma relieved people from insects and evil influences.

Today, the aromatic property of the oil is said to clear to most stagnant residual odors including tobacco. Topically, it acts as a great antiseptic skin cleanser; one can observe the name of the herb in lotions, creams and skin cleansing masks. Due to its healing properties leleshwa essential oil is a good cure for acne marks and cuts. Be careful with the application of oil as it is safe only in small quantity.

Leleshwa essential oil is a splendid insect repellent and its aroma works well to drive away insects and mosquitoes. The herb extracts are known to produce excellent results in detergents though when mixed with other synthetic chemicals its power seems to be less effective in that form. It’s a remarkable remedy for athlete’s foot and cures fungal infections of feet and hands with its amazing anti-fungal nature. It acts as a great preservative in hair washes and acts as a vital component in reducing dandruff and curing even chronic diseases like Psoriasis. Aromatherapy uses take into account skin disorders, wounds, nerve pain, allergy and infections while curing people with leleshwa essential oil. It keeps check on cough, cold, anxiety, stress and infected chests.

It has been observed that animals living in the areas where these shrubs reside have been cured of several skin problems. When crushed, leleshwa leaves emit a strong camphoraceous scent. Many wild animals that live in the areas where leleshwa grows, particularly elephants, cape buffaloes, black rhinos, antelopes and gazelles , have been observed rubbing themselves against a leleshwa tree. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that those animals, which have crushed the leaves onto their skin, were relatively free from ticks and fleas. In addition any wounds on their body had healed.

Though it might be a little hard to believe, this herb has been ignored as a weed for many years and came into existence in the aromatherapy world after its potential had been explored by other people. Leleshwa essential oil is reported to bring peaceful sleep. The Maasai a nomadic tribe of Kenya often use the soft aromatic leaves of leleshwa as bedding since it is said to promote deep sleep and deter insects. A unique use is the garland of fresh leaves that is worn by both men and women. The travelling Sotho use Leleshwa to ward off evil influences while travelling through new territory.

Leleshwa oil blends well with lavender, geranium, sandalwood, frankincense, cedar wood, ginger, clove and pine essential oils.
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