Essential Oil Blends

Our blends here at The Oil Shop are significantly different than you will find at most companies.  Unlike fragrances, essential oil blends consist of only naturals.  Unless otherwise noted, our blends do not contain carrier oils.  They are concentrated blends of essential oils, CO2s, absolutes, etc.   This allows our customers to have the greatest flexibility to use the blends in anything ranging from diffusers to finished products.  It also allows the user to adjust the strength of the blend to suit his or her needs by simply mixing the blend with a carrier of choice, depending on the application and odor strength required. So please keep this in mind when comparing prices of our blends to other vendors who may be mixing the blend with a cheap carrier.

EO blends are synergistic blends, meaning they are more powerful than single essential oils.  Please follow the dilution recommendations for each essential oil blend before applying.  You will find the proper dilution ratio on each oil blend product page.

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