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Androgyni PerfumeAndrogyni PerfumeAndrogyni (pronounced Androjinee) - This cologne is amazing! There are no other words to describe it. It is erotic and seductive to both men and women. Women love it on men and men love it on women. It seems to take on a different character depending on the gender of the wearer unlike any perfume I have ever seen before. You will not be disappointed with this one but do not wear it if you want to be left alone!
Magi Perfume/CologneMagi Perfume/CologneA true men's perfume (not a cheap cologne) at over 30% aromatic content, Magi is a strong, tenacious scent that screams manliness. With heavy base woody notes of sandalwood, musk and myrrh, accentuated by top notes of Frankincense with a lot of complexity in between that must remain a secret. This is a very unique scent that women immediately notice when they come in close proximity and tends to cause them to want to give you an extra hug just to get another whiff! Give your man the mystique of the Three Wise Men at the Christmas season with Magi - or any time of the year.
Romantic Rose PerfumeRomantic Rose PerfumeThis is the best rose perfume you will ever smell. Most everyone who buys it says they like the odor even better than true rose oil which costs several thousands of dollars per kg.
Vanilla Brujeria Perfume/Body SprayVanilla Brujeria Perfume/Body SprayThe name and seductive Vanilla aroma were inspired by love potions from New World African religions. This bewitching scent beckons with clean and powdery nuances. Power awaits the mystic brave enough to try Vanilla Brujeria. Women will envy you. Men will desire you. Only you will know why. Some customers use this as a body spray.
Vixxen PerfumeVixxen PerfumeVixxen perfume is powerpacked with alot of natural florals including Indian jasmine Bulgarian rose absolutes. The name really says it all. All I can say is ladies be careful with this one!
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