Carrier Oils

Before most essential oils can be used topically in aromatherapy they must be diluted in a 'carrier', since they are too powerful to use neat (undiluted). While there are other carriers such as creams that can be used to dilute essential oils in aromatherapy, pure vegetable carrier oils are the most commonly used medium due to their versatility.

Carrier oils provide the necessary lubrication to allow the hands to move freely over the skin and not 'drag' while massaging, and at the same time carrying the essential oils into the body. They must be light and non-sticky for this penetration to take place effectively, and preferably have very little odor.

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Black Cumin Carrier OilBlack Cumin Carrier OilNigella sativa (Black Cumin) is one the most revered medicinal seeds in history. There are so many amazing uses for this carrier oil
Foraha (Tamanu) Organic Carrier OilForaha (Tamanu) Organic Carrier OilForaha is luxuriant and moist. It smoothes and softens the skin without leaving a residue because it readily absorbs. It makes an exceptional carrier oil.
Foraha Double Filtered CarrierForaha Double Filtered Carrier
Fractionated Coconut OilFractionated Coconut OilFractionated Coconut Oil is truly one of the best multi-purpose carrier oil products on the market.
Fractionated Coconut Oil, USA (High C-8)Fractionated Coconut Oil, USA (High C-8)
Jojoba Carrier Oil, GoldenJojoba Carrier Oil, Golden
Papaya Seed Oil
Sweet Almond Carrier Oil (Prunis dulcis)Sweet Almond Carrier Oil (Prunis dulcis)
Vegetable Glycerine USP (99.7% pure)Vegetable Glycerine USP (99.7% pure)Vegetable Glycerine USP (99.7% pure) NEW LOW PRICE! Market is changing daily. Our gallon containers of Glycerin are 10.4 to 10.8 Pounds. Compare our prices to our competitor's.
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