Pour-out Spout Bottles, How to Open Them!

Pour-out Spout Bottles, How to Open Them!

These new bottles were designed and produced for The Oil Shop. These bottles provide the durability and dependability of the standard aluminum bottles for shipping purposes but without the traditional “plug” openings that can be difficult to re-open and close, not to mention how messy they can be to pour from.

These pour-out spout bottles provide even extra security and protection over traditional bottles because of a tamper-evident cap that has to be crimped on with a special tool. After opened for the first time, the retractable spout makes drip-free pouring very easy and storage is a breeze with the re-usable screw-on cap.

Top begin with, once the cap is removed, use a small flathead screwdriver or box cutter to insert a small hole into top where the ring seal is, to release the vacuum seal.  Pull the ring seal carefully out.

These bottles are easy to use and easy to open. After the ring seal is broken, simply screw the cap back on and pull out the spout. Depending on the strength of the vacuum inside, pulling out the spout may not be easy. Simply give the cap a half turn or so to the right to ensure that it is on as tightly as possible before trying to pull out the spout. Usually just this simple tightening step will allow you to pull it out without any problem.

Once the spout has been pulled out, leave it in the out position when replacing the cap and DO NOT push it back down inside the bottle since repeated pulling in and out of the spout can cause unnecessary wear leading to cracks in the spout.

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