About Us
TheOilShop.com has a noble goal.  We want to make therapeutic grade essential oils available to as many people as possible and in an affordable manner as much as possible.  We truly want you to be able to experience the amazing power of this natural medicine.

We strive to be purists at every turn.  We will not sell commercial quality oils.

The Oil Shop is also striving to educate people.  We include as much information on each oil as seemingly possible on a web page, as well as the important safety information to use each essential oil properly.  These essential oils are easy to use, but must be respected for their power.  Too much of a good thing is not always good when it comes to aromatherapy.

TOS is a family owned corporation specializing in essential oils and other aromatic raw materials customers worldwide.  We like to keep the personal touches so lacking in our corporate world today.  Good service is our motto.  Let us know how we can improve.  Bringing top quality essential oils to you is an honor.
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